The GoR-geous Times©
Edition 1
Last Updated: 2/12/06 3:38 EST
Prepared by: Zargon and Kitty

Section I:  Updates from councils
Section II:  Guild rumblings
Section III:  GoR-geous featurette
Section IV:  Movie Quotes
Section V:  Brain Teaser
Section VI:  GoR-geous Guy and Gal
Section VII:  GoR-geous 3 stars
Section VII:  Credits

Section I:  Updates from councils
Every issue, there will be updates from each council with a discussion of what’s been going on and what’s going to happen in the near future.  Keep in the loop of things and read up!

On Friday February 10th, Quildaran, Threndil and Lilcal smacked Set upside the head from Canada to Mexico.  Also, on Friday, the guild ran Corst and didn’t fare so well.  As quoted by Lilcal, “...4 kills and had about 300 deaths”.  Keep those chins up high, Rangers.  A little preparation and patience and Corsty will fall faster than the poor elephant in “Operation Dumbo Drop”.
There was a Cato run at noon today.  Ardy, Misao, Lilcal and Caldric all went.  They were short 2 people, but grabbed another 2 afterwards.  Let’s try to put on a better showing next week so all 6 can be GoR!  There will also be a Corst run tonight at 8pm.  Good luck guildies!  The only thing sweeter than revenge is revenge 2 days later!

There was a quick meeting saying that we need to put an emphasis on making sure participants are ready 30 minutes before the quest.  For all those glory lovers, please take notice as you don’t want to miss out!

RQC is looking especially for some more help to maintain the inflow of new baby rangers.  Please contact Los about signing up for this glorious opportunity to meet new members before they’re corrupted by the Mentors!

Everybody please welcome Azengar to our guild.  He was just inducted so don’t be shy and help ‘em around if you see that he’s lost.  Super congrats to Xylina and Kinneas for passing their reviews recently as well!  Perdurabo has also recently aved, so another super congrats goes out to him!

CoR + CoL:
We just had a guild meeting yesterday.  The main topics involved this newsletter, possibly implementing free heals for all guildies and possibly allowing GoR alts under level 20 being inducted.  Please ask Norelle for additional details, including a cleaned up log!

Section II:  Guild rumblings
Each issue, we will fill you in on the latest happenings in the guild.  Not there for a funny occasion and you want to be filled in on the latest gossip?  This is the section for you!

Remember Meredin’s quest to get people to collect pipes, then turning them in for letters to make words?  Well, Threndil was pouncing outside of the tree, pounced on the wrong mob and dropped.  In the midst of CRing, he went to grab something to eat and forgot all about his corpse.  His corpse rotted and he lost his collection of pipes!  Such a shame... now Meredin will have a few less pipes for him to smoke with.  I guess Meredin will have to settle for rolling his own “sticks” if he wants to smoke!

Section III:  GoR-geous featurette
Each issue, there will be a new featurette so you can get to know a guildy a little more.  There will be a little favouritism towards new members since it would be helpful to get to know the newer ones first.  However, if you want to be in the next featurette, feel free to ask a fellow guildy to interview you and they can ship it off to me.

Perdurabo is a half-elf Ranger pledge, he joined us on January 15.  He has brought a friendly face to the guild, and brings a little additional knowledge and experience to our guild.  As a special for this issue, we have also interviewed another new member to our guild, Bohica.  A special thanks goes out to Mirrelyn for preparing this interview.

Interview with Perdurabo:
Q - Tell me a bit about yourself.
A- This is my first character in my first mud...Although I've been gaming for many a moon
Q- How are you finding GoR?
A- VERY caught up and enthusiastic about what I've found here.
Q- What are some of the things you like to participate in?
A- I intend to spend huge quantities of time just running around and looking...learning oh and chatting. I do go in for the rp thou.
Q - What is your favourite movie?
A - That's relative to mood...have to give several or none at all.
Q - Ok what would you watch right now?
A - Just watched 'the Big Labowski' last night for the god only knows how many times, love it, Cohen bros rock.
I'm a movie guy tho...swap quotes with the best of them
Q - What is your favourite movie quote?
A - 'A person who avoids speaking in declaratives is much less likely to look foolish in retrospect' movie: four rooms...Quentin Tarantino.

Interview with Bohica.
Q- Is this your first char on your 1st mud?
A- yuppers
Q- how are you finding GoR?
A - loving it.
so many helpfull guildies.
Q- which parts of the game do you like the most?
A- exploring running chatting with friends,helping out guildies and others.
Q- Your bio is interesting, why did you choose that song?
A- cuz the man who wrote it was a paratroooper also and the original an
original son of Saint Michael, we use that as our jump cry .. like geronimo.

For those interested, here is Bohica's “interesting” bio:
Acting funny but I don't know why
Scuse me while I kiss the sky!

Last orginal member Sons of St. Michael

Section IV:  Movie Quotes
Depending on the popularity of this section, we will see if this will appear in every issue.  Given its recent success in the Silverwolf forums, I think that this should be a hit.  Be sure to tune into the next issue of “The GoR-geous Times ©” for the answers!

1.  'Good...bad...I'm the guy with the gun'
2.  'Christina!!! Bring me the axe!'
3.  'Sire the peasents are revolting!' 'You ain't kiddin' they stink on ice!'..
4.  'Dyin' ain't much of a livin', boy'
5.  'Do YOU think it's funny when I say the name Bigus Dickus?'
6.  This aggression will not stand man'
7.  'I wasn't yellin for you I was whistling.' 'You was whistling willie help come get this crazy bitch off me?' 'yeah that's right'

Special thanks to Perdurabo for coming up with these quotes!

Section V:  Brain Teaser
Each issue, there will be a brain teaser to make sure that you haven’t fried all of your brain cells from the computer monitor.  The answers will appear in the next issue, so make sure you tune in!  Without further ado, here’s this issue’s brain teaser:

The VP of McDonalds has a very efficient housekeeper.  When he left for vacation, he instructed her to forward the mail to him at his cottage (not e-mail).  Awhile later, he hadn’t received any mail so he called her to find out what happened.  She explained that he forgot to leave the mailbox key behind.  The VP apologized and promised to mail her the key right away.  Awhile later, he still hadn’t received any mail through the housekeeper told him there was a bunch of letters in his mailbox.  When he returned home, he fired her right away for incompetence.

Was he right or unfair – and why?

Section VI:  GoR-geous Guy and Gal
As a little bonus for reading through this issue, we’ve decided to pin up a little eye candy for you guys and gals (eye candy that doesn’t have that disclaimer of having to be over a certain age to enter, of course!).  Just try not to drool too much on your keyboard because I wouldn’t want to be responsible for electrocuting yourself!

Issue 2’s GoR-geous Gal :
Kristin Kreuk
For anybody who knows me, they would know that I’m obsessed with Kristin Kreuk.  Born and raised in Canada, appearing on Smallville on Channel A, 8 pm Mondays EST.  Smallville is a show about Superman when he was still a teenager, before he became the man in tights with his briefs worn outside of his pants.  Make sure you catch the show because she’s even prettier when she’s moving! (especially when she’s riding her horse *drool*)

Issue 2’s GoR-geous Guy:
Tom Welling
Keeping along with the Smallville theme, I’ve heard some gals drooling over Tom Welling as well.  Personally, I don’t see what you gals dig in him... it must be the whole “man-of-steel” thing. *wink*

Section VII:  GoR-geous 3 stars
This section rewards our most active guildies by being heavily involved in guild-related matters.  This only represents my opinion and by no means represents the 3 most deserving individuals in our guild.  Also, as a little fun, I think I’d keep track of people stars.  3 points is awarded to the first star, 2 points awarded to the 2nd star and 1 point is awarded to the 3rd star.  Anyways, here they are:

3rd star
This honor goes out to Mirrelyn.  For her heavy involvement for this inaugural issue and for being a great Head Mentor (Hi boss!) that has kept the Mentors Council among the guild’s most active.  Thank you for your contributions and keep up the good work, Mirrelyn!

2nd star
This issue’s 2nd star goes out to Mossweaver.  Despite not having any rqp and official active hunters, he has taken the time to play the hunter role and led/participated in many runs recently.  Thank you for this, Mossy and keep us posted about the upcoming runs!

1st star
And... today’s first star goes out to none other than... *drumroll* Lilcal!  The man who led many runs for our guild, contributor of this first issue and not in any way shape or form related to Calira!  Thanks for everything Lilcal and your contribution to our guild is far from Lil!

Power Rankings:
Lilcal – 3 points
Mossweaver – 2 points
Mirrelyn – 1 point

Section VII:  Credits
Thank you for reading through the first ever issue of The GoR-geous Times .  I hope you’re more informed and also enjoyed aspects of it.  I would also like to thank all contributors for this inaugural issue including the following people: Lilcal, Norelle, Mirrelyn, Perdurabo, Bohica, Ana-baena, and of course, Kitty! I apologize in advance if I missed anybody on this list.  If you wish to be a contributor for the next issue, please feel free to mudmail me about what you wish to contribute, and I’ll get back to you.  We are always looking for contributors to improve these issues.  So, for now, this is the Zargonishter signing off.  See you soon!