The GoR-geous Times©
Edition 4
Last Updated: 3/12/06 23:27 EST
Prepared by: Zargon and Kitty

Section I: Updates from councils
Section II: Guild rumblings
Section III: GoR-geous featurette
Section IV: Movie Quotes
Section V: Brain Teaser
Section VI: GoR-geous Guy and Gal
Section VII: GoR-geous 3 stars
Section VII: Credits

Section I:  Updates from councils
Every issue, there will be updates from each council with a discussion of what’s been going on and what’s going to happen in the near future.  Keep in the loop of things and read up!

Before we get into this week’s updates, a special thanks goes out to Perdurabo for writing this week’s updates.  Also, please note that with Lilcal’s vacation and Meredin’s busy schedule, it has been a quiet week.  Anyways, here’s what did happen!

CoL:  Gauther : "...since I'm (still) a leader, that means no news."

RQC:  Rumors abound of a changing of the guard... As if that wasn't enough, Alas!  Threndil will be missed and our good wishes go with him!

Mentors:  Kudos to Zylara for joining the team of super helpful friendly mentors!  A match made in heaven!

Hunters:  Perdurabo and Bohica ( aka the brothers Fukovski )  have just been taken on as scouts just in time to cover for Lilcal while he's on vacation in Florida.  Perdurabo led their first run on March the 11th to Justice and it went well!  Hey Bohica, when are we running Corst?

CoR:  Entirely too busy maintaining an exciting and varied guild experience...

Section II:  Guild rumblings
Each issue, we will fill you in on the latest happenings in the guild.  Not there for a funny occasion and you want to be filled in on the latest gossip?  This is the section for you!

Thanks again to Perdurabo who did this week’s guild rumblings.

Perdurabo recently caved in to numerous requests to remove the following photo from his forum profile:
Mmm, a newbie

We can all be glad that we won't have to see it again... but damn that's funny!
When asked if this was in fact a personal photo, Perdurabo refused to comment.

(Editor’s note:  After reading this... note to self... don’t let Perdu pick out the GoR-geous guy and gal.)

Section III:  GoR-geous featurette
Each issue, there will be a new featurette so you can get to know a guildy a little more.  There will be a little favouritism towards new members since it would be helpful to get to know the newer ones first.  However, if you want to be in the next featurette, feel free to ask a fellow guildy to interview you and they can ship it off to me.

This week, instead of picking on a new member, I decided to pick on an older guildy who has been among the most active in the guild.  Its none other than...  our NEW point leader in the guild (Yeah, yeah, I know I ruined the one of three stars for everybody, but I think its almost expected for him to be up there) Lilcal!  Special thanks goes out to Perdu for prepping this interview!

Perdu:  How long have you been here?
Lilcal:  about 11 years...maybe more

Perdu:  You are basically our main runner.  How did this come to be?
Lilcal:  I just inherited it.  Merf used to lead runs...then he retired.  Lotsa people leave for orders and such, so the people who know what to do become the leaders.

Perdu:  What are your passions?  What sparks you?
Lilcal:  In game...running and sitting around talking to people.  I kinda dislike most other things *grin* (Editor’s note:  WoooT  an anti-rper!) .  Out of game, I like sports, watchin' hockey, baseball, and if I'm not here during the day, I'm either working (blah) or golfing...and I love to travel.

Perdu:  If you could have one wish regarding RoD, what would it be?
Lilcal:  In mobkill I've done everything...the one thing I'd wish for is for the guild to be as good as any order out there.  I've been in the guild as long as I've been in RoD.

Perdu:  What run faux pas would you like to address to the guild?
Lilcal:  Don't spam, listen to the leader, bring heals, repair eq and pay attention.  If you make a mistake thats fine, don't make it again.  I make mistakes every run.  I'm in the wrong style half my life.  If you can't fix it yourself...then don't make a bigger mistake, tell people whats going on and they'll help you.
(Editor’s note:  I figured it out.  You won’t ever forget to repair eq if you run naked…  Gotcha!  ß is not a streaker)

Section IV:  Movie Quotes
Depending on the popularity of this section, we will see if this will appear in every issue.  Given its recent success in the Silverwolf forums, I think that this should be a hit.  Be sure to tune into the next issue of “The GoR-geous Times ©” for the answers!

For those with a bad memory like me, here was the previous episode’s last quotes with the answer following in brackets.

  1. “I'm fed up saving your @ss. I'm amazed you made it past puberty.”  (The Rock.  I also liked that “winners fu©k the prom queen” crack, but I didn’t think of using the copyright symbol 2 weeks ago)
  2. “It must be getting near tea-time, leastways in decent places where there *is* still tea-time.”
    “We're not *in* decent places.”
    (Lord of the Rings:  Return of the Kings.  At least I think it’s the third one.  Anybody else think Gollum looked less freaky than Smeagol did in the boat?)
  3. “I don't pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try to be a man for the people”
    (Gladiator.  The incest thing was pretty nasty, but if I had a sister THAT hot.. hmm.. maybe its not such a bad thing.  I’M KIDDING!  IT’S ALWAYS WRONG! (except when your sis is Norry *flirt*))
  4. “There is Life in every breath...”
    “That is, Bushido.”  (editor’s note:  Bushido!  When this blocks or becomes blocked, it gets +x/+x until end of turn!  If you know what I just said, please mudmail me so we can play on apprentice)
    (The Last Samarai.  And I still didn’t get any mudmails about apprentice games *sniff*)
  5. Person 1:  “You may be Jimbo, or Jumbo, or Jimbodini to those guys in there, but there are still two people who haven't forgotten where James Emmanuel Levenstein came from. We're awful proud of you son.”
    Person 2:  “Thanks, Dad.”
    Person 1:  “Don't forget your pen!s cream.”
    (American Pie 2.  Are they going to come up with a crappy remake and call it, “Canadian Pie” starring far less talented actors and scriptwriters?)

This week’s quotes:
“In the fifth, my @ss goes down”
“I'm not gonna kill him, I'm just gonna take a foot off of him. A man can work with one foot.”
“Sometimes the truth doesn't matter like it ought. But you'll always remember things right. That's gonna mean a lot to me. But stay away, <Name>. They'll kill you if you don't stay away. Don't visit me. Don't write me. Don't even say my name.”
“That's my nose, genius. These are my lips.”
“It was everything I always wanted. But when I had got it, it felt like nothing, less than nothing.”

If you want to cheat...  check out this week’s theme with the GoR-geous Guy and Gal.  But don’t cry when Santa has you on his bad boy/girl list and gives you a lump of coal for Christmas!

Section V:  Brain Teaser
Each issue, there will be a brain teaser to make sure that you haven’t fried all of your brain cells from the computer monitor.  The answers will appear in the next issue, so make sure you tune in!  Without further ado, here’s this issue’s brain teaser:

Last issue’s brain teaser:
Pre-school children were asked the following question:         
"In which direction is the bus pictured below traveling?"                Look carefully at the picture.
The only possible answers are "left" and "right." 


Solution to last week’s brain teaser:
The bus is clearly going left otherwise you would have seen the door.  Yes, I know... there’s not bus driver, no stop sign (since it’s a bus for pre-schoolers, I’m assuming they meant it as a school bus and not a public transit bus) and most importantly, NO SUPER BOWL RING!  Way to go, Bettis!  (Yeah, I know... the Superbowl was awhile ago, but I’m still happy about him winning it)  Anybody else see him play Celebrity Poker and lose after like the 10th hand?  Oh well..  I guess too many blows to the head makes it hard to calculate pot odds and percentages.  I guess his wheels upstairs aren’t exactly going round and round anymore….  Oh well, I still love the guy for plowing down linebackers for over a decade.  GO BETTIS!

This week’s brain teaser: 

In a small English town long ago, this story was told:

It was a hot summer Sunday. The squire and his wife were in church when the squire fell asleep. He dreamed he was a French nobleman at the time of the revolution.  He had been condemned to death, and he was waiting on the scaffold for the guillotine to fall. Just then his wife, noticing he was asleep, tapped him sharply on the back of his neck with her fan.  The shock was so great-  in view of what he was dreaming - that the squire immediately slumped over, dead.  Could this story be true? Why or why not?

Section VI:  GoR-geous Guy and Gal
As a little bonus for reading through this issue, we’ve decided to pin up a little eye candy for you guys and gals (eye candy that doesn’t have that disclaimer of having to be over a certain age to enter, of course!).  Just try not to drool too much on your keyboard because I wouldn’t want to be responsible for electrocuting yourself!

Issue 4’s GoR-geous Gal :
Jessica Alba

This week’s is none other than Jessica Alba!  First starring in Dark Angel, then in a bunch of movies like Honey (If only she danced IN Honey, it would have actually sold some tickets), Fantastic Four (MmmM..  stripping off clothing, even if she’s invisible is seksi) and this week’s theme… Sin City!  (I don’t know about you, but I didn’t need her to scream to get excited.  SHAME on the yellow guy)  Man, if she danced at a club every night, I think that would be enough motivation for me to leave recall everyday and flutter over there and watch my “Shieldbreaker” turn into a “Nasr”.  Too bad she was invisible for ½ of Fantastic Four, but for the other half, she had skin-tight suiting.. *droooooll* *zap!*  (Note from Kitty:  That buffoon named Zargon just short-circuited his keyboard so I have to finish this week’s edition)

Issue 4’s GoR-geous Guy:
Bruce Willis

Okay, I’m not sure if any gal would find this attractive, but when I googled “Bruce Willis pics” this was the first one I saw.  If I remember correctly, Google puts the top site as the one that gets the most hits.  I have no clue why this site has so many hits if it has scary looking pics like this one.  Anyways, he’s a good actor that can play a ton of roles.  With him playing in roles like Alba’s lover (Sin City) and Liv Tyler’s dad (Armageddon), I kind of envy him, just for the gals he kisses on screen.  Then again... looking back at that picture...  maybe not.

Section VII:  GoR-geous 3 stars
This section rewards our most active guildies by being heavily involved in guild-related matters.  This only represents my opinion and by no means represents the 3 most deserving individuals in our guild.  Also, as a little fun, I think I’d keep track of people stars.  3 points is awarded to the first star, 2 points awarded to the 2nd star and 1 point is awarded to the 3rd star.  Anyways, here they are:

3rd star
This week’s third star goes out to none other than Lilcal.  Even though he went on a little vacation, his dedication to lead runs and um... be interviewed, still granted him a star!

2nd star
This week’s second star goes out to Bohica for making great suggestions for the GoR-geous guy and gal!  *drroooool  Alba*  WAAAY hotter than Jolie!

1st star
This week’s first star goes out to... Perdurabo!  The first real person to show interest and lend a hand to single-handedly finish entire sections for me!  Keep up the good work, Perdu.  Thanks a ton!

Power Rankings:
Lilcal – 6 points
Lilardy – 5 points
Gauther – 3 points
Perdurabo – 3 points
Mossweaver – 2 points
Meredin – 2 points
Bohica – 2 points
Mirrelyn – 1 point

Section VII:  Credits
Thank you for reading through the fourth issue of The GoR-geous Times .  I hope you’re more informed and also enjoyed aspects of it.  I would also like to thank all contributors for this issue.  I can’t stress enough that if you wish to be a contributor for the next issue, please mudmail me about what you wish to contribute, and I’ll get back to you.  I want to grow these issues, but due to my diminishing time availability, this is only possible from your contributions.  So, for now, this is Kitty signing off.  See you soon!  (Editor’s note from Kitty:  Zargon got his eyes fastened back on, but he’s still having trouble seeing.  Maybe I dug my claws a little too deeply.  Oh well...  Live and learn!  Meow!)