Sellbot Price List

Long NamePrice
Guard of Raven Black2000000000
Maniacal Tendencies1500000000
the Cloak of the Eternal Wanderer1100000000
shimmering razors850000000
the Steel Plated Gloves of the Duer'ain Clan700000000
stone gauntlets of the golem650000000
a catoblepas tusk600000000
a dense wooden bracer wrapped in leather550000000
a pair of golden bracers400000000
A shroud of darkness375000000
a large, barbed dragon spike350000000
the wristlet of the hellborne320000000
a ripped piece of dragon hide275000000
visions descending255000000
Eye of the Raven245000000
Demonic Whispers240000000
the Breastplate of the Ravager231000000
Corselette of the Furies230000000
Signet of the Requiem225000000
a scroll worth one rename215000000
Nightmares Unleashed205000000
the studded wrist guard of the enchanter190000000
the Jimminator!170000000
Enslaved Shadows160000000
a large, malformed dragon tooth130000000
the battle mail of the Dragonlord127000000
the Relic of the Infinite126000000
the leather under-gloves of the Duer'ain Clan125000000
the Iron Hand of Kargoth124000000
faculty of reason122000000
faculty of thought121000000
dark ring of the Hunter and the Hunted120000000
the Silver Crescent115000000
a pair of tribal war boots113000000
the platinum chained mantle of O'laski110000000
the Sun, Moon and Stars107000000
a pearl-hilted dagger100000000
the black leather boots of the Falcon95000000
the ring of the ancient gods85000000
the bloody greaves of Rapture and Dysphoria82000000
a mangled piece of dragon hide78000000
Nasr, Claymore of Sovereignty76000000
the fur lined cloak of the plains wanderer75000000
the essence of kundalini74000000
hellfire leggings72000000
blood of the innocent70000000
Blackened Spurs of the Nazgul Lord68000000
a strand of polished jade66000000
black leather mutant armor65000000
Collar of Abyssal Servitude64000000
a rainbow pendant of Laurieness63000000
the Dragonhide Breastplate62000000
the blessed silver cross of Ravenell61000000
the Bone Helm of Ryuukoroshi60000000
the gnarled hand of the yeti52000000
a bundle of bark, covered in branches and sap51000000
a torn piece of dragon hide50000000
Hymns of the Divine49000000
shades of light47000000
the rune covered hood 'Ol Gromdal ut Khazad'41000000
Unfettered delirium40000000
the Rogue's Ring of Thievery38000000
footprints of the soulless wanderer37000000
a studded, silver earring36000000
Dark, fated mists32000000
a huge stirring spoon31000000
the Hammer of Curdardh30000000
a silver signet bearing the Ravenell seal29000000
a frayed string of leaves28000000
the battle visor of the Dragonlord27000000
the ivory colored tower shield of the Lily26000000
Mystic Dragonsight23000000
a pair of black, high heel boots22000000
a band of valor20500000
the source of magie noire20000000
a blue, glassy chain19100000
a large strip of the tarrasque's hide19000000
the signet of Innocence17500000
the Storm17000000
the celestial greaves of purity16600000
an antique silver helm16500000
the Ring of Wizardry16000000
a girth of mangled hide15500000
Eriumir's Grey Cloak of Shadows15000000
an ankle bracer of mobility14750000
a pair of giant dragon wings14500000
darkened boots of the grimoire14000000
Crown of the Ravenells13000000
the Brigand's Cloak of Concealment12500000
the Enchanted Gauntlets of the Duer'ain Clan12100000
Queen Guenevere's bracelet12000000
bands of power11100000
the Matrix of Desolution11000000
the dark scales of the demonic enforcer10500000
the ancient amulet of dispersal10100000
the facade of the Hannya10000000
a pale green circlet9750000
godskull shinguards9500000
the burnished sleeves of Sovereignty and Might9100000
Set's ring of Power8500000
the Cloak of Royalty7500000
the platinum band of the Draco Viridis7200000
the ridged skull of a large dragon's head7100000
the lower jaw bone of a large dragon's head7000000
Shifting black flames6800000
Crown of the Ages6500000
the ancient banner of the Clan Dubh Glas6100000
Golden Plate6000000
the black hilted sword "Shieldbreaker"5900000
an icy metal flange mace5500000
a staff of chiseled obsidian5200000
a demonskin ankle bracer5100000
a gryphon etched ear cuff5000000
a belt of birch bark4950000
a flying broom4850000
The Sentinel4800000
a pair of diamond earrings4250000
the Staff of Barad-Dur4200000
demonscale Boots4100000
the ancient sword of the kami4000000
shield of the Valkyrie3900000
Corruption of the Innocent3700000
tongue of the serpent3500000
a Bracer of Light3400000
a broadsword named 'Aurora'3300000
veil of Hecate3200000
the Mask of Disfigurement3100000
sturdy cinch of black mutant leather2900000
a crystal dragon bracer2800000
a spiked leather wristguard2600000
obsidian leggings2500000
an obsidian bracer2400000
a squirrel fur cloak2350000
clinging strips of parasite fungus2300000
a shadowy, coiled cobra2250000
hard leather boots2200000
dragon's gloves2150000
an earring of GlassWalker bone2100000
the Snake's eye2050000
a bracer of fire2000000
a jade cameo1950000
Blessed gauntlets of the Templar1900000
a gleaming-jade gemstone1850000
the Duke's robes1800000
a golden torque1700000
a gold earring1650000
a pair of rose tinted eyeglasses1600000
a silver braid1550000
a carved wooden ring1500000
a golden locket1470000
the blessing of demons1450000
an old, decaying basket1400000
a laundry basket1350000
a blue-silver iron gorget1300000
a black hilted sword called "Doomgiver"1250000
an emerald green surcoat embroidered with silver thread1240000
a frog's tongue1200000
the Ice Girth1100000
a traveling cloak1000000
a golden braid980000
a bronze shield970000
leggings of dark dragonscale950000
a quilled porcupine skin920000
a pair of dragonscale arm-guards900000
a sorcerer's walking stick850000
a black silk belt800000
a thick piece of lizard hide750000
a dead cloaker700000
a shiny trinket650000
a bulette carapace shield600000
a sharktooth necklace560000
a ring of the king's navy550000
a swirled collar540000
a shimmering, yellow robe525000
a suit for diving500000
a delicate silver bracelet490000
a leatherworker's awl480000
a red satin sash470000
the robe of witches460000
iron bracers450000
a ring of sparkling silver440000
an iron nasal helm380000
a dragonscale girth370000
eltor-hide leggings360000
an oar350000
a pair of traveling boots340000
Neptune's Trident270000
the Rod of Neutrality120000
The Abyssal Shadow100000