Old updates:

February 2010: So a lot has happened in the guild (as well as Realms in general) over the past *cough* 9 months *cough*, and nothing has been posted here... my apologies.

Upon Anomandaris stepping down, I (Threndil) took over as Guildmaster and Jaxxon as Guild First. We regained an old leader (but hiding under a 'smaller name') Lilcal, as our new Guild Second. Who, by the way, is also among the lead Runners of the Guild!

We've also gotten a flock of players (both old timers as well as new) including Yikaron, the guild drunk! Who has not only become popular among the members, but also a good Runner!
Jeory the lovable shy one, Ashon also joined the ranks as well as two old players, Orn and Lilbrim, who are moments away from becoming full members!

As was mentioned in May, changes were made Realm-wise concerning the induction process for Pledges, and though some guilds have opted not to try it, the Guild of Rangers has. As Anomandaris mentioned before stepping down, new members wishing to join the Guild of Rangers can do so at level 10 after interviewing with either an RQC (Ranger Quest Council) member, or a Leader. Though our guide states otherwise, expect its update to include that as well as other things which will be mentioned in due time, as they're still in the beginning stages.

Also, I'd like to invite not only those who would like to participate in existing guild activities, but also those who wish to contribute ideas to better improve them. So, you like writing quests? Do you think something was forgotten and should be brought back? Is someone playing with matches near a dry area? Drop a note with your idea at our Leaderboard! (Open thorns, South-East).

See you inside :)

Threndil, Guildmaster.

May 2009: My apologies that an update hasn’t been posted in a long time. Thank you for checking out the Guild’s website, more information will continue to be posted here as things change in the Guild. Please feel free to explore this webpage as it contains a lot of useful information regarding leveling a ranger as well as joining GoR.

The first significant Guild change occurred at the end of January when Mirrelyn stepped down from leading the Guild. Mirrelyn is still a valued member of the Guild and frequently logs. Everyone is very thankful for the excellent work she did in her time as Guild First and Guildmistress. Thank you for everything, Mirrelyn.

With Mirrelyn stepping down, I (Anomandaris) became the new Guildmaster and Threndil the new Guild First. Jaxxon was nominated and became Guild Second without contest. Congratulations to everyone in their new positions.

Since our last update there has been a significant change in how the game has dealt with Guilds. Kinux and CoE decided that a there should be a coded bonus to players belonging to Guilds. Because of this all Guilds were given a chance to select some skills to receive bonuses. The Guild of Rangers chose the skills of Optometrum, Mercuria, Regeneration and Impair Defense as their optional skills. Pre-selected for bonuses were: Standard Style, Pugilism, Long Blades, Short Blades, Flexible Arms, Talonous Arms, Bludgeons and Pick Lock. Any full member should now receive a 5% bonus to each of these skills.

Along with the changes to skills full Guild members receive, an initiate flag was introduced to the game to better facilitate the entrance of new Guild members. Any new member wishing to join GoR may do so now at lvl 10 (previously this level was 20) and will be inducted, after an interview, as a Pledge. Pledges have similar access to the Guild excepting key full member privileges, such as the Guild bonuses. This allows new players to the Guild to participate more actively as Guild members through their induction process and becoming full Guild members. The changes to the induction process have all been finalized and the full Induction Process for GoR will be posted shortly for all Guild members to peruse.

We would like to welcome the following players as full members to GoR: Giftara, Chiewomu, Hoerkin (old immortal) and Axius. We would also like to welcome as pledges: Caryn, Tantus, Melittin, Rangor, Lilthiv, Lilger, Peccare, Leilana, Sarri, Lilmada and Viggo.

It is my hope as Guildmaster that the Guild of Rangers remains one of the best organizations on Realms of Despair by continuing to invite and build great new leaders.


Anomandaris, Guildmaster

October 12, 2008: Things have certainly been exciting around the Guild this fall with several new guild members and some returning old timers. Joining us as a full member was Korah and returning to the guild were Malore and Lyaur. Most exciting of all Diotallevi, Floruit, Ferdiad and Giftara all joined us as pledges over the month of September. Hopefully all new members and old continue to spread the excitement and intensity that the Guild has provided over the past month. If you are interested in joining GoR please contact any guild member and they will direct you to our Ranger Quest Council (RQC).

September 6, 2008: Welcome back from a hopefully restful summer. We had several changes in the Guild since our last update. Bastian stepped up into the role of Head RQC while Corbyn, Cunegonde, Jaxxon, Kasmyr and Kendal became full members, congratulations to them all. Also joining us as pledges over the summer were Barusket and Korah. The leaders all hope that this winter will bring many new opportunities and experiences to the guild including the continuation of many of the runs, quests and good conversations.

June 10, 2008: We have some new pledges to welcome: Candella, Corbyn, Cunegonde, Jaxxon, Kasmyr, and Kendal. Also, a few updates have been made to the website.

March 1, 2008: The guild has once again won the website design contest. The prize is a healer mob for the guild.

February 5, 2008: Congratulations to the new leaders: Anomandaris (First) and Threndil (Second)!

January 10, 2008: Happy new year, everyone. Updates slacked off a bit, but there are equipment suggestion pages up now, under the Tips section. Currently, evil and neutral have only avatar eq listed. In guild news, both Norelle and Gauther are stepping from their leadership positions. (Due to lack of time, and after almost 7 years in leadership, I think it's time it give someone else a chance. Mirrelyn, you'll make a great GM! -- Norelle) A big thanks to both and good luck to the candidates running for leadership.

July 2, 2007: We'd like to welcome back Destai and welcome new member Karinna.

June 9, 2007: Welcome to our new pledges: Clavic and Oden. Congratulations to the following pledges for becoming full members: Lilmira, Mir, and Perdurabo. Also, GoR tied with GoW in the IG/Inter-Tribe PK for First Place! Way to go, rangers!

May 3, 2007: The guild would like to welcome the following new pledges: Brennan, Chuyito, Erante, Jared, Lilmira, Lorner, Perdurabo, and Rique. Congratulations to those who are now full members: Brennan, Chuyito, Creemore, Danlo, Druk, Erante, Hokuten, Katryna, Kayyun, Rique, and Simaira. More congratulations are in order for longtime member Siporta who joined the ranks of the Immortals a few days ago, and for Threndil who took over as Head of RQC. In other news, IGPK is going well for the guild, with 2 wins in 3 matches. Keep it up, rangers!

February 1, 2007: Some of the site content was updated, especially the Hunters information. Inter-guild PK (IGPK) is in the planning stages and the guild welcomes a group of new pledges: Ayane, Creemore, Danlo, Druk, Hokuten, Katryna, Kayyun, Mir, Owra, and Simaira. Ayane and Owra already passed their reviews and are now full members. Congratulations!

December 1, 2006: The guild won the website contest sponsored by the Immortals. As a result, the guild gets a special healer mob until the next contest. Also, Anomandaris, Celardor, and Rathius, were inducted and Dixie, Gwydion and Kahtenday became full members.

September 30, 2006: The website was revamped a little. New buttons replace the old menu, and the GoR-geous Times newsletters were linked in. In other guild news, Mirrelyn was elected the new First; Dixie, Gwydion and Kahtenday joined the guild as new members, and Jane and Listeria passed their reviews to become full members. Congratulations to all of you!

October 1, 2005: The guild would like to welcome Gerald and congratulate Laurye on passing her review.

September 3, 2005: Welcome to Shizar, our newest member, and congratulations to Kira on passing her review and becoming a full member.

August 5, 2005: We'd like to welcome our newest pledges Kira, Llewelyn, and Lorthar and congratulate Thierre on becoming a full member.

July 1, 2005: Welcome to Hylid and Laurye, our newest members, and congratulations to Cless, Khiras and Stahna for becoming full members.

May 29, 2005: Welcome to our newest members: Khiras, Stahna and Thierre.

May 1, 2005: New website is finally up.