Prime Stat: Strength (25)
Secondary Stat: Wisdom (22), Dexterity (22) *with mercuria skill
Deficient Stat: Charisma (18)
All other stats max at 20

Max hp gain is 19, with 20 con. Always try to keep your con maxed for best gains (this does not mean you won't ever get any low gains, however). A decent ranger will have about 800 hp at avatar; a really good ranger will have 850+. Don't worry too much if this is your first character. Generally, first characters tend to have low bases.


Rangers can be: Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves, Halflings, Humans, and Pixies. While some people prefer dwarves or even halflings, the race you choose is ultimately up to you. Some races do have certain bonuses or penalties, or good equipment options available to them.


A ranger's favored weapon is talonous, followed by pugilism and long blades.
Some good talonous weapons are: crocodile claw (A Moment in Nature), iron hook (SMR), claw of a forest bear (Pixie Forest), and osprey talon (Lake Tich'Pyga).

Leveling Areas

1 - 5: Dark Halls of Knowledge (Academy); A Moment in Nature ("enter" portal in Academy gardens); Warehouse
5 - 10: Tullfuhrzky Manor; Wendle Mansion; Shattered Refuge; The Shire

Town Hall

The Town Hall in Darkhaven (e, 2s, w from DH[]) provides a few good items for low level players. The balm of crushed salvia leaves is a salve (see "help apply") that gives detect hidden. The icicle wand is a staff (see "help brandish") that creates a spring you can drink from while fighting. This will allow you to quaff more potions without getting full.


The equipment lists merely provide a suggestion of good equipment for the various levels, to give you something to look out for. You will need to find equipment that benefits you the most (eg, maxing out your stats and hr/dr). The lists are arranged for every 10 levels beginning at level 5. Where there are multiple pieces listed, they are arranged approximately in order of what level the piece generally appears in. Not all equipment can be retrieved at the levels specified; some you may need to buy (see "help auction", "help traffic") and some pieces will simply only appear in a higher level.