Council of Leaders (CoL)

The Council of Leaders consists of the Guildmaster/mistress, First and Second. They make the major decisions in the guild and interact with the immortals when needed.

Guildmaster: Anomandaris
First: Threndil
Second: Jaxxon


Council of Rangers (CoR)

The Council of Rangers serves as an appeal board, where guild members may ask for a review of guild leaders' decisions. They can also serve as mediators in case guild members don't wish to trouble a leader with their problems or they have a problem with a leader. (More information)

Members: Bastian, Gauther, Hokuten, Rolgar, Zanardi



Hunters is no longer a council but "ranks" that can be obtained by any ranger. These ranks range from simple hitter to someone who can lead a run to and tank just about any mob in the game.
Old Hunters information
Current Hunters information



Mentors will help new members, especially those who are new to the game, with things like leveling, equipment advice, questions, etc. (More information)

Head: Rolgar
Members: Junhi, Saori


Ranger Quest Council (RQC)

The Ranger Quest Council interviews and and gives quests to rangers looking to join the guild. (More information)

Head: Bastian
Members: Cunegonde, Nolac