The Council of Rangers was created under Hobbes, Tanthalas, and Linda in 1997. It was intended to handle issues that did not need leader intervention. The Council of Rangers is made up of the Heads of each council and 2 guild members. The original council had 4 members, but since the mentors were introduced, the council has grown to 5 members. The duties of the council have also increased.

What we do:

1) If no leaders are present, the CoR helps settle disputes between guild members.
2) If a guild member has a problem and they don't feel comfortable bringing the matter to a leader, they can contact a CoR member.
3) If a guild member has a problem that needs a resolution, but doesn't feel it needs to go to a leader, they can contact a CoR member.
4) If a leader has a problem with a member or a member has a problem with a leader, either side can contact a CoR member to mediate the dispute.
5) CoR members plan and run Fun Fridays. If you have a quest for FF, post it on the board in the Vale of Elders or give it to a CoR member. CoR will review all submitted quests. The member that submits the quest will have the option of running the quest with a CoR member.
6) If a non-guild member has an issue with a guild member, the CoR will meet with the leaders to discuss what needs to be done.

Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays are almost weekly guild quests that are run by a CoR member. The quests were created to help keep up morale and encourage guild teamwork. The quests can be written by anyone in the guild. They can be given to any CoR member. The council will evaluate the quests and decide on which quest to run that week. If a guild member submits a quest, the member has the option of helping to run the quest. The submitter cannot participate in the quest other than helping to run it. If your quest is chosen, you will recieve RQP.

Written by: Siporta

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