The mentor program began around the June of 2000 when Linda was the Guildmaster. She introduced it with Elendure becoming the first ever Head Mentor. At first, the program was unstructured and unorganized, but within time, more mentors were recruited and Norelle became the first ever student mentored for an extensive period of time. When Elendure had to move on, Navarius (the first at that time) made Fianavar the official Head Mentor. Fianavar then made Zargon the Head Mentor in the first few weeks of September 2001. On September 27, 2001, the Mentors became an official council with a new induction process in place.

Who we are:

We are a group of rangers who wish to make the pledge experience in our guild, the most comfortable transition. There are 3 levels of mentors. The Head Mentor is responsible for organizing meetings to gather and discuss new ideas, changes and any problems that arise. They are also responsible for inducting and training new mentors. Both the Head Mentor and Mentor has access to all of the duties that is described in the "What we do" section. Lastly, there is the Apprentice Mentor, who wishes to join the Mentor Program. They must be accompanied with another Mentor when they are helping out pledges, at all times. This will be explained more in detail in the "The Mentor Induction Process" section.

What we do:

Our ultimate goal is to let pledges feel welcome in the guild and assist them into becoming a full member. We achieve this by providing a warm atmosphere for them so they feel they are a part of a family, not just a group of people. A family will always help each other when they are in need and the guild is no exception. Mentors will first introduce the pledge to the family by providing them with a tour around the guild and introducing them to members that are online. Afterwards, Mentors will be more than happy to help pledges with leveling tips, equipment suggestions, or any other question a pledge may have. Lastly, when it comes time for a pledge to take their interview to become a full member, mentors will assist pledges in studying by showing them where to get the information required and quiz them to test their knowledge before the actual interview.

The Mentor Induction Process:

1) Once a person shows interest, we need a current mentor to recommend them if the mentor feels that they would be a good addition. If a member of the guild wishes to become a mentor, they may request to be recommended, but shouldn't expect favors from friends.
2) When a person is recommended, they become an Apprentice Mentor. They require 3 situations where a current mentor will accompany them and evaluate them as they mentor a pledge. The current mentor would then inform the other mentors of the general experience.
3) With the 3 evaluations completed, all of the mentors must decide democratically, if the Apprentice Mentor would make a good addition. Based on the three evaluations and past experiences, we will make the decision together. If the mentors as a whole agree upon induction, we will proceed to the last stage. Under most situations, the majority of votes will be enough, but if one feels very strongly against the majority, the Head Mentor will consider overturning the majority of votes, depending on the severity of the concern.
4) This is the final and last stage in the induction. The Head Mentor will organize a small interview asking general questions about their intentions and possible contributions as a full time Mentor. If the Head Mentor feels that the Apprentice Mentor has what it takes, they will become a full mentor and have full access to all mentor facilities.

Do's and Don'ts for a mentor:

A mentor is meant to help and help only. A mentor will not level for you or give you equipment on request. Any equipment donations made by a mentor is not required, but simply a good gesture and should not be expected of. A mentor will not help you cheat on your pledge review. They will help you before the actual interview, but once the interview starts, we WILL not help you further. Mentors will do their best to prepare you for the interview prior to the interview and don't worry, you aren't expected to get every single answer correct. Lastly, a mentor will NEVER laugh, insult or embarrass somebody who approaches them for help. This will almost always lead to dismissal of their mentor status and possibly an outcast from the guild. They are there to help you feel comfortable, so you don't have to worry about being shy or embarrassed. Mentors should not be viewed as a figure of authority over pledges, but rather, as friends willing to help.

Written by: Zargon

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