Who we are

The Ranger Quest Council is a group dedicated to ensuring that any recruit passed to the leadership for induction is guild material.

How the Ranger Quest Council started

Originally, recruits were quested by the leaders, but the leaders had other duties. Many members also felt that because the leaders were overloaded, recruits were not being thoroughly interviewed and just about anyone could join the guild. To encourage a more thorough process and raise the quality of the recruits that joined, the Ranger Quest Council was created in October of 1996 by Calafire, Melian and Stoney.

What we do

The Ranger Quest Council members will interview any ranger who is at least level 20, peaceful, and wishes to join the guild. An RQC member will interview you and then assign a quest. It is up to the RQC member to decide if the recruit is guild material or not.

What is expected of the recruit

The recruit is will answer any questions put to him/her truthfully. If any problems arise during the interview or the quest, speak with the RQC member or, if not possible, with the Head of RQC. A recruit who feels they have been treated unfairly by the Head of RQC can speak with any Council of Rangers member.

How to become a member of the Ranger Quest Council

You must be a full member of the Guild of Rangers, somewhat active in the guild, and be online regularly. RQC members are also expected to have knowledge of the various areas of Realms, especially lower level areas, patience, knowledge of equipment, and leveling. If you think you meet these qualifications, speak with the Head of RQC.

Written by: Katryna

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