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February 10, 2011: A whole year has passed. It's now 2011 and the guild is still as filled up with people as ever. We've had a whole series of Pledges join us. A list which I'll detail a little later. Some of them remain active with us, running mobs like Danny, Corst... hell, some of them even go to Seth! Others tend to hide a little, much like everyone did during their Pledgehood. Here's a shout inviting you to hang out with us! There's lots to do here. And if you think we should do something more, let us know!

The running spree is high, and the items are slowly stockpiling. Thanks to this, our guild now has enough items for quest prizes and other games! (which reminds me, there's a quest on Saturday the 12th!) Ryle and Skaphie were our last hosts of Trivia! Prizes were granted to all who participated! (I think even the idlers won something)

So, does it really feel like Realms of Despair out there? Do you need some allies in defeating mobs and collecting items? Do you have a thing for killing dragons and clearing areas of quests? Join GoR! We're not only Rangers... we're also many of them.

And as promised a list of all our new additions.
Note: some of them are still Pledges.

From old to new:

- Bier
- Agonist - Eythne
- Zanna - Ryle  (<--- Trivia host!)
- Jauxer (Merf!) - Shuan
- Shiko  - Emmalise
- Liljim - Anthollo
- Baylee - Weck
- Dienekes - Turiul
- Arakcheyev (Lilcane) - Lilashi
- Tesagor (Where'd you go?) - Tafton
- Garruk - Benghis (Congrats on recently AVing!)

A big welcome-back hug to Skaphia and Merf!

And remember, If you are looking to join the guild, please feel free to look through the guide.

Threndil, Guildmaster.


If you are looking to join the guild, please feel free to look through the guide.